This blog is for people like me – those who often feel like they are stuck in the shadow of darkness and who have struggled to find meaning in their experience of pain and loss. This might be related to unresolved grief, depression, or anxiety.

It is meant for ordinary people who seek to rebuild their lives and work towards healing and transformation. During the last few years, I have suffered a lot of personal losses, including deaths of loved ones; and my worldview has shifted significantly.

This blog will help me and others to become more aware of our feelings and emotions as we strive to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

As a licensed therapist, I hope to create a safe space for individuals who are seeking answers on various issues, particularly those that involve loss and pain. We shall discuss death and loss, broken relationships, unresolved conflicts (both internal and external), and any other issues that might come up during our conversations. Feel free to share, and to ask for help if you need it!